KISS - Keeping it Simple Stupid

Welcome to Tulips Skin Care & Concoctions!

Personally, I've never liked the "Stupid" part of the KISS statement, but I guess whomever thought of keeping it simple needed an acronym that would be easy to remember. 

So, we are beginning our journey with just a few skin care products to keep it simple, at least for a while. Starting with a few types of face creams and our very cool eyebrow repair and revive concoction that shows positive results with our customers.

Over the past two years, I have received a lot of great product feedback from friends and family members. Now, I believe we have a winning formula and product set to launch our online store. While I have a ton of beautifully scented versions of my face creams and body lotions, I'm starting out by offering just a few of our most popular types. In addition to your feedback please share what products you would like to see in the future from us.

With the change in season coming, I plan to add something special and unique to help you adjust to the change in humidity and temperature. 

We are slow and steady with passion and a commitment to produce the highest quality skin care products using honest ingredients. 

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